Listen here to the LGL Podcast by Myrthe, and be inspired!

Listen here to the LGL Podcast by Myrthe, and be inspired!

Hi, it’s Myrthe in a nutshell.
The nomad social media manager that will teach you everything about a sustainable social strategy.

First of all, I am so happy you found me. On this page I want to give you a little glimpse of who you will be working with. I am a happy down-to-earth marketing coach, who aims to make marketing fun, light and sustainable for you. You can count on me doing a little happy dance whenever you decide to work with me.

Hey! I am Myrthe!
Myrthe in a nutshell!

Together we create a solid foundation for a sustainable social media strategy, so you can sit back and relax and feel free

As a social media manager, I will help you to build a strong sustainable foundation for your brand on social media. In the meantime you can go after your dreams. Whether that is a tiny house in the rural area of the Netherlands or with your butt on the beach, chilling with a coconut in your hand on a deserted island.

My story – From a little girl scout to an ambitious nomad

The thrill of a new adventure has been in my blood since I was a kid. That translated to being a scout as a kid and a great passion for the outdoors. Whenever I went to an undiscovered place, I wanted to explore every part of it. And that never changed.

As I grew older, I started to travel more and almost ten years ago I went to Bangkok for an internship. My first big, exciting trip outside of Europe, which opened my eyes for new opportunities. The first seed to becoming a digital nomad was planted. Even though I loved to travel, after my studies I went down the 9-5 path… which was clearly not the right road for me to take.

However, like a miracle from the universe, I met the right people at the right times and got signs from the universe pointing me in the right direction as I slowly paved my way to a life full of freedom. I just needed that final push to go for it!

How a trip to the arctic was the last push to freedom

After working a nine to fine job and feeling trapped in the same daily routine, I felt strongly that the corporate lifestyle did not suit me. Losing my mum at a young age taught me that life is short. That’s why I decided to make a bold move to quit my job, change my life habits, and finish a master’s degree in marketing. Around that time I made a trip to the arctic, which helped me to connect to my values, passions, and interests on a deeper level, and that’s when I knew I was on the right track to pursuing my dream life.

The clients did not magically appear. With a lot of hard work, I built a sustainable social strategy that worked for me and my business. I am living my dream life as a nomad. Now I want to teach other entrepreneurs the same, so they can go after their dreams too.

Why do you need me?
Everything you need to know about working with me

Customized social media strategy, that fits you like a glove

I help ambitious business owners to create a fantastic foundation for a sustainable social media marketing strategy. A strategy that instead of draining you, is easily maintainable, aligns with your core-values and gives you the energy and freedom that you are looking for.

You decide your vibe on social media

I highly believe in the basic concepts of marketing, but above all I believe in the power of the self and moving at your own pace. When you move at your own pace, magic things will happen!

A breath of fresh air in your social strategy

With my social media management skills and marketing background I help you to see your values and unique selling points. With those core values you can sell your offers by just being yourself and without being salesy or pushy.

We stay connected

I want you to feel safe to be yourself when we work together. Feel free to send me a message and I’ll help you out!

You will feel more freedom

As I am all about a life full of freedom, I support you with social media management so that you can focus on the fun parts of your business, spend more time with friends and discover new places that this beautiful world has to offer!

My three core values:
approachable, passionate, positive

Fun little facts that you would read in my biography

Fulltime nomad

I have lived nomadically since I became an entrepreneur. I feel most alive in big metropolitan cities or landscapes that merge into each other. So breathtaking!

Creating real connections

Outside our western bubble, there is so much to learn. I love to make connections with local people while I am traveling. Connections with other entrepreneurs are also very valuable to me, to be able to support and help each other.

Learning from new cultures

I love to indulge myself in new cultures all around the world and try out all of their local foods. I like to cook things out of the usual Dutch potatoes and greens.

Good food is a good mood

Wake me up for a good plate with pasta or sushi, yum! My boyfriend told me I make a specific move when I get good food. Even when it’s the famous Dutch dish “stamppot”. Look it up!

Love to move and groove

When I am in a good headspace, I pop random moves and feel most like myself. Don’t be surprised when you see me dancing in the supermarket!